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Fairbanks is a great place for Teachers for the Visually Impaired

Fairbanks, AK - Best Cities for Teachers for the Visually Impaired

Alaska is one of the highest recommended states to visit in the US, and it’s for good reason! Where else can you see the northern lights, go on a dog sled excursion, and further your career in a great teacher of the visually impaired position?

Alaska is full of wonder, as you’ll see on one of the many tours available to explore in Fairbanks. For the adventurers that want a little more outdoor fun, try fishing or rafting in the Tanana River. Museums are not in short supply in Fairbanks, so you’ll have plenty of inspiration if your students need a history refresher on railroads, aircrafts, or just want to travel back in time to see what roads looked like back in the day. Grab some fresh, local food at the neighborhood farmers market, or stop in at one of the town’s famous restaurants, like quirky Ivory Jack’s or the waterfront Tracker’s Bar & Grill. Don’t be afraid to take a leap into the beautiful northwest for your next TVI position!

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