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If you are looking for some variety and thinking of relocating for your teacher of the visually impaired job, you will find plenty to love about living in Washington. Typically referred to as Washington State to set it apart from Washington, D.C., this beautiful state boasts dense forests, rugged coastlines, and numerous coastal islands that are just waiting to be explored. There are even deserts and volcanoes in Washington, so regardless of the type of geography that you prefer, you will find something to love here. Bisected by the Cascade Mountains, Washington features forested coastal areas in the west, while the eastern region is home to deserts and pine forests.

While Washington State is commonly portrayed as being quite rainy, in reality, Washington’s climate is actually very diverse. Near the Cascades, the climate tends to be dry and arid. Near Puget Sound, the weather can change rapidly, so if you like a lot of diversity, Washington can be a great place to call home. You will also find that there are numerous opportunities for outdoor adventure in Washington, particularly on the San Juan Islands. During your off time from your teacher of the visually impaired job, you can enjoy fishing, sailing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, biking, and hiking. Since Washington is situated along the coast, you will also have plenty of opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood, including salmon. By moving to Washington State for your next teacher of the visually impaired job, you will be able to enjoy true natural beauty as well as endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Let us help you get started on your TVI job search today.

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